Thursday, December 13, 2007

Menu for Hope 4

In addition of being the opportunity to share quality time, gifts and good food with our loved ones, this time of year should also be the occasion to think about those to whom, in the words of Pim, "food is not a mere indulgence but a matter of survival".

Menu for hope is an annual fundraising event inititated by the above-mentioned Pim, from the Chez Pim food blog, five years ago, in the wake of the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia, in order to help support the UN World food programme. This year, the funds raised will be earmarked for the school lunch programme in Lesotho.

To participate and donate, click on the above picture and buy as many USD 10 raffle tickets as you can. There are great prizes to win such as a tour of Ferran Adria's laboratory in Barcelona, a lunch with Harold McGee or early proofs of Grant Achatz' upcoming book. So, don't wait any longer and join us in winning the fight against hunger.


Rethabile said...

Thank you for this great deed.


Laurent said...


That's the least the foodblogger community can do in this holiday season. Take care.