Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alinea, Chicago, August 2006

What was I thinking? Why wouldn't I take pictures when I dined at Alinea? I guess we'll never know. In any event, it was one of the most fantastic culinary experiences I've ever had and, in my opinion, molecular gastronomy at its best (I mean where ingredients and flavors are perfectly respected).

Fortunately, there is always another serious foodie to have the same meal as you at about the same time (in this case kudos go to Gerald). Also, the restaurant was kind enough to send me the menu (see below) plus I have great memories of the truffle explosion, the lamb, the Kobe beef and the hot potato in particular (the rest was sublime too if you ask me). And, last but not least, I can now reflect for long hours reading the recently published Alinea cookbook and logging onto the Mosaic website. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous (much better than those I could have taken obviously) as are the texts by Achatz, Ruhlman and Steingarten. The most adventurous and skilled cooks will also give a shot at some of the numerous recipes contained in this masterpiece.

For more about Grant Achatz, Alinea's celebrated chef-owner, its food, trajectory and fight against oral cancer, you might want to read the profile from the New Yorker published last year. Very well-written (as usual) and moving too.

Here are also links to Gerald's photos on Flickr: Corn, Yuba, Tomato, Mackerel, Hamachi, Bacon, Kobe Beef, Black Truffle, Squab, Menthol, Verjus, Yoghurt, Shellfish, Langoustine, Porcini, Peach, Lamb, Hot Potato, Pork, Sassafras, Raspberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Dried Caramel.

Alinea Restaurant
1723 North Halsted
Chicago Illinois 60614
Tel: 312-867-0110

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