Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charcuterie Bonnard, Lyon

It's not that I'm obsessed with charcuterie today although I might actually be...But I've just found these pictures I had taken at charcuterie Bonnard during a trip to Lyon last year. The shop is owned by Jean-Michel and Francoise Barbier. And the funny thing that I've just learnt is that Francoise Barbier is Gilles Verot's sister (see my post on Bar Boulud). Charcuterie's world is a small one.

This is an amazing shop that sells some of the best charcuterie in Lyon. The cervelas pistache truffe and Saint-Marcellin that we bought there were delicious. Cervelas is a Lyonnais sausage (in that case with truffles and pistachios) that you boil and then can eat with potatoes (boiled or mashed). Saint-Marcellin is a cow-milk cheese (fantastic when it is well done). More on this trip to Lyon in an upcoming post.

Charcuterie Bonnard
36 rue grenette
69002 Lyon

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