Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pierre Herme, Paris

On this sad day for the art of pastry, I thought I would post a few shots taken at Pierre Herme during my last 2 stays in Paris. Herme was a Lenotre apprentice at some point and gifted student as you can guess (or know if you have tasted his sweet delicacies).

Herme's Vaugirard shop also has the huge advantage to be located close to where two of my best friends live. So I obviously never miss a chance to stop by the beautifully designed store when I visit them in order to pick up some chocolate delicacies and macaroons.

My favorite pastry there is "Plaisir Sucre" (sweet pleasure in English). It is described in Herme's catalogue as a "Biscuit dacquoise aux noisettes croquantes,praliné feuilleté, fines feuilles de chocolat au lait, ganache et chantilly au chocolat au lait". The recipe is available in Dorie Greenspan's book "Chocolate desserts by Pierre Herme" if you want to give it a shot. Not sure I need to translate the description for you. It's beautiful as it is and sounds like music to my ears. And the taste and textures are incredible. The kind of sweet that keeps you warmer on a sad chilly winter day like today. Those are the moments I miss Herme...and Paris the most.

Pierre Herme
72, rue Bonaparte
75006 PARIS

185, rue de Vaugirard
75015 PARIS

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