Monday, January 5, 2009

Diary of a Foodie

I've just realized that the season 2 full episodes of Diary of a Foodie (the James Beard Award winning PBS series) are now available on Gourmet's web site. Of interest in particular (even though every episode is extremely cool) the ones dedicated to Hong Kong, Food Bloggers, French New Garde and Fine Fast Food (with my hero David Chang, shown on the above image). Don't miss it. Second to no other food TV show (Bourdain's No Reservations being the only exception for me).

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S and N said...

Hello Laurent. We found your site via David Lebovitz. As food fans with no television, we will especially enjoy the Gourmet programs. Your blog looks great. Hope you continue to dine and tell. p.s. We make a mean gougère, too.